Recommended Lenders

Knowledgeable | Reliable | Trustworthy 

Whether you've never bought a home before or you're an expert, starting with the loan process is the first step.  Having a professional you trust, that's available for questions and has the experience and a menu of loan options to suit your financial situation/needs can be the difference between buying a home and window shopping.   

Speaking of window shopping, sellers and listing agents want to know that you are well-qualified prior to our making an appointment to tour their home, and you should know if you can and want to afford it.  There is nothing worse than getting excited over a home you cannot or do not want to afford.  

Below is a list of recommended lenders for you to consider, based on our experience.  They equally bring extensive knowledge paired with impeccable customer service.  They are:

Todd Dennis
NMLS #:  178583 
David Starleper
NMLS #:  1657558
Direct:  443.417.2393